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Surgical Services


All Paws Veterinary Clinic prides itself on its high quality of surgery and anesthesia performed every day in our fully equipped surgery suite. Whether it is an elective spay or neuter, or an emergency procedure, rest assured your pet is in experienced hands. Our veterinarians have many years of surgical experience and each procedure is carefully monitored by our wonderful Veterinary Technicians. Specialized monitoring equipment is used to keep a close eye on the vitals of every patient. Heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation are just a few parameters that are closely monitored.

If you are looking to spay or neuter, or have other surgical concerns or emergencies, contact us today and we can help your pet on the road to wellness.

We care about your pet like it is our own, and we want to make sure you both go home happy and healthy. Contact us today to book an appointment to bring your pet in.

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